Print Posted by George Morina on 12/22/2016

London coffee roaster wholesaler and distributor

London coffee roaster wholesaler and distributor

Coffee Zee is a small batch roasted coffee, roasted at our micro roasting house on Ealing Broadway London using our fabulous Geisen Coffee Roaster.

A ‘micro roasting house’ is an independent artisan coffee roaster.  We will only use high grade 80+ Arabica beans and roast in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  Roasting in small quantities allows us to offer truly fresh roasted coffee to our customers; we also use a gentle roast technique which takes more time but allows flavours and aromas to remain intact.

With us being small batch speciality coffee roasters we can offer our purveyors a truly artisanal hand roasted coffee that can be packed and shipped straight from the roaster.  “Coffee always fresh” is our motto at Coffee Zee and we undertake stringent methods to ensure we stay true to this. This all means a more bespoke better quality product for our customers.

Hopefully you love coffee as much as us and would like to try our coffee in your business?

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